Writs of Gratitude

We would like to give thanks to the amazing digital visualization, research, and scholarship librarians, Alison Blaine and Marcus Wust from the world-class North Carolina State University Libraries for helping us navigate Tableau, OpenRefine, and embedding iframes. Without the help of these two incredibly kind people, we could not have made our project happen. 

We would also like to thank Dr. Paul Fyfe, our wonderful professor in whose class and under whose guidance this project has become what it is today. 

We would also like to thank Dr. Paul Broyles for giving us a better awareness of the coding portion of Digital Humanities as well as insight into TEI. 

We would also like to thank Brian Dietz and Virginia Ferris for making us aware of the intricate details of digital archiving--this was specifically useful as we dealt with the Petitions to the King from the UK National Archives.

Finally, we would like to thank each other for our continuing contributions to this project. 

James, our incredibly kind leader, keeps us on track, provides data cleaning and visualizations, research methods, and has a major hand in every aspect of this project---thank you!

Richard, our ace web coordinator and data visualizer is responsible for the amazing data visualizations and graphics which make the narrative so much more engaging--thank you!

Starlina, our resident English major and miner of details is responsible for writing the narrative, data mining and cleanup, and managing the project's social media---thank you!